Meet the founder of Tutoring Tree, LLC,


Anna Treesara is a former classroom teacher turned edtech and tutor/entrepreneur. She loves staying busy and since leaving the classroom has found herself tutoring, being a business owner, career coaching, as well as consulting in various areas including but not limited to management/leadership best practices, people operations initiatives, and instructional design.

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Anna was born and raised in Chicago and is a former high school English teacher who taught abroad in Thailand for one year and in Chicago for three years. She transitioned out of teaching in hopes of creating a larger and more meaningful impact beyond the classroom walls. After leaving the classroom in February 2018, she joined a workforce development nonprofit focused on providing internship opportunities for CPS seniors. In November 2019, Anna decided to finally start up her own tutoring business to focus on individualized lifelong learning and providing high-quality educational services. During this time, she also started working at an education technology company providing customer support to teachers. The company quickly grew within two years, and she moved into leading and growing the Customer Success team.