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We offer tutoring services in multiple subject areas for various ages and grade levels.

Don't see your subject? We might still be able to help! Reach out to find out!

Student Writing


Reading and writing are foundational skills that can be strengthened so that students can succeed in all subject areas and in life! Tutoring Tree can help with all things English Language Arts from learning how to read and recognize letter sounds to analyzing a text and writing a research paper.

Chalkboard with Different Languages


Learning a language is so important, but it can definitely come with its challenges! Tutoring Tree currently offers services for K-12 Spanish and can help your child gain the confidence they need to master conversational skills.

Image by David Pennington


Not everyone is a good test-taker, but that's okay! Tutoring Tree can help students succeed on standardized tests like NWEA, ACT, SAT, HSPT and the selective enrollment high school entrance exam! Seeking help on AP exams too? Provide us with more information, and we can see if one of our tutors can assist!

Image by MD Duran


Applying to college can be daunting! Tutoring Tree can help you and your family with everything from writing personal statements to navigating financial aid award letters to even just starting the conversation about what your options are.

Image by Sebastian Herrmann


It is so essential that students get exposure to what the workforce is like as well as the opportunity to develop soft skills such as email communication and problem-solving. Tutoring Tree can help your child create a resume, find an internship, and prepare for an interview!

Outdoor Study Group


Does your child need help organizing their homework and projects, using their agenda, or developing good study habits? Tutoring Tree uses a variety of both traditional and modern tools -- whether it's making flashcards with index cards or using an innovative education technology tool, we are dedicated to helping your child develop lifelong executive functioning skills!

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


Some students will say, "I'm bad at math!" At Tutoring Tree, we work to eliminate that type of thinking and instead empower students by helping pinpoint what foundational skills need strengthening or what concepts need more explanation. We currently offer tutoring services for K-8 Math, Algebra I-III, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, and Calculus I-II.



Science is a part of our everyday lives. Whether it's knowing what planets are in the solar system or understanding how to balance equations, our tutors can help students master these essential concepts! Tutoring Tree currently offers tutoring services in K-8 Science, Chemistry, and Physics.

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