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TUTORS: English Language Arts, Spanish, ACT/SAT Prep, College Planning, and Workforce Development

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in English Education - Bradley University; Master of Science in Language Arts Instruction - Northeastern Illinois University

Anna was born and raised in the Avondale neighborhood in Chicago and is a former high school English teacher who taught abroad in Thailand for one year and in Chicago for three years. She transitioned out of teaching in hopes of creating a larger and more meaningful impact beyond the classroom walls. After leaving the classroom, she joined a workforce development nonprofit focused on providing internship opportunities for CPS seniors. In November 2019, Anna decided to finally start up her own tutoring business to focus on individualized lifelong learning and providing high-quality educational services. Anna currently lives in Lincoln Square with her husband Kyle and their dog Addison, and she enjoys working out at Orangetheory Fitness and reading for her book club Brunchin’ Bookworms!

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TUTORS: Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Computer Science

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - Washington University in St. Louis; Master of Arts in Teaching - Relay Graduate School of Education; Master of Science in Energy Engineering - University of Illinois at Chicago

After majoring in Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, Alexandra moved to Chicago to pursue teaching through Teach For America. She worked as a 10th grade Engineering teacher for two years on the West Side of Chicago at ITW David Speer Academy. After Alexandra's two-year commitment to teaching was up, she found a job at McMaster-Carr as a software developer. She has been working at McMaster for the past two and a half years learning how to design, implement, and test code. Currently, she is working on getting her Master's degree in Energy Engineering at the University of Illinois-Chicago. As someone who has spent the past ten years or so in STEM, Alexandra is passionate about helping students grow and succeed in their math and science courses, as well as any other STEM classes their school may offer. She loves getting to know her students and helping them flourish, however that may mean for them.




TUTORS: Math & Science for Grades K-8

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Boston College; Master of Arts in Teaching - Dominican University

After graduating from Boston College with a major in Psychology, Laura moved to Chicago as a Corps Member with Teach for America. She worked as a 7th and 8th-grade science teacher for two years in Humboldt Park at Casals School of Excellence. After leaving the classroom, Laura moved to New York City, where she worked for a primary research firm. However, she missed Chicago immensely and ended up moving back! Laura now works as a Customer Success Manager at Workiva, a software company. Laura is still passionate about education and volunteers at an after-school program through the Woods Family Foundation. She currently lives in the Gold Coast and enjoys walks on the lake, Core Power Yoga, and scoping out new restaurants to try all over the city.




TUTORS: English Language Arts & Drama for Grades K-12, Math for Grades K-8

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in Theatre - North Central College; Master of Education in Elementary Teaching and Learning - DePaul University

Rachael has served as an educator for more than 10 years in a multitude of roles including being a First Year Mentor in college, a Teaching Artist on tour with Prairie Fire Children's Theatre, an Assistant Teacher at the Latin School, a summer camp Program Instructor, a Dramatic Arts Program Facilitator, and an elementary teacher with CPS.  Rachael has worked with a wide range of students, including those in junior kindergarten through undergraduate programs.  Through her diverse experiences in a variety of educational settings, Rachael has developed a passion for working with students one-on-one and supporting them in meeting their independent learning goals.  When not teaching or acting, Rachael enjoys Zumba, reading for her book club, and taking ballroom dance classes.

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TUTORS: English Language Arts, College Planning, Workforce Development, Science for Grades K-8

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Anthropology - University of Chicago; Master of Science in International Relations - London School of Economics and Political Science

Caroline is originally from the Chicago area and went to school for her undergraduate degree in Hyde Park. After graduating with a dual degree, she spent time in Washington D.C. tutoring until she pursued her Master's in London. Caroline currently works in Business Development at a local Consumer Product Goods company and enjoys the creative and analytical aspects of her work. Caroline has enjoyed taking on leadership roles throughout her academic and professional careers and especially enjoys mentoring younger students on how to succeed in both settings. She believes that every learning style is unique and focuses on developing skills that can last beyond the session. Caroline enjoys walking her dog and painting in her free time!


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