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My daughter, Kiara, needed a little extra support with Algebra and Physics, and I was lucky enough to win a 2-hour tutoring session through Amundsen's Raise the Sail auction. Anna made the process to schedule and connect with the tutors super easy. [Our Tutoring Tree tutors] Alexandra and Justyna provided Kiara with great support, and they also made the session fun. When Kiara finished the session, she told me that she had a lot of fun learning and that she wouldn’t mind tutoring during the summer. This speaks volumes coming from my teenager. I will definitely be using Tutoring Tree again.

Denise M. - Parent

My daughter was having a difficult time learning the alphabet and phonics. [Our Tutoring Tree tutor] Rachael did an excellent job teaching Mia. She always made it fun to learn through games, dance, and songs. Mia’s letter recognition and phonics greatly improved.

Yanet C. - Parent

Anna tutored me when I was a freshman in high school because I needed help with analyzing and understanding text as well as writing essays. When we had finished our sessions, I had more confidence in class, and my grade went up in English!

Milana R. - 10th Grader

Anna did a wonderful job helping me prepare for AP Spanish. She took the time to help me understand what the AP test would look like and went out of her way to find resources to help me. The time I spent with her was instrumental to making me feel more confident walking into my AP Spanish class. We were also able to spend time prepping for the SAT, including test tricks that I may not have learned. Even through the computer screen, Anna's kindness and patience were always felt.

Julia S. - 11th Grader

[My Tutoring Tree tutor] Alexandra helps me in detail with my work, and she does not move on to the next math problem or concept until she is sure that I fully understand it. She is patient and thorough in the way that she helps and works with me.

Anja H. - 8th Grader

Anna sends me a follow-up each week about his progress, and it helps me understand what Ari is working on and learning each week. She shows his work, writing, and what he has produced during the sessions, so I can see the results of his work and learning. She is an excellent communicator. She is an empathetic and encouraging tutor who understands what challenges the parents are experiencing with homeschooling during this stay-at-home order. She provides individual attention and the structured routine Ari needs by having regular check-in sessions with him. She keeps him on the right track by maintaining his continued progress. Most importantly, Anna continues to motivate him and tries to cultivate his love of learning and reading by sharing her passion.

Sue E. - Parent

Anna helped me to go through the assignments and bring my grades up. She taught me new skills like how to write for a longer period of time, how to write poetry, and I learned new words to expand my vocabulary. Also, she showed me new ways to do things such as the different ways to write a poem and how to write an outline for a draft by creating sub-points before writing an essay. Finally, she found interesting articles for me to read, and she continued to motivate me to work hard. I am hoping to read more.

Ari E. - 7th Grader

We turned to Anna for help when our daughter with ADHD started struggling in her 8th grade Spanish class. Anna quickly engaged with our daughter’s Spanish teacher to identify the areas that needed focus, and she always came prepared with an organized game plan for each tutoring session. Her patient approach and ability to explain things clearly in a way that just clicked with our daughter is what set her apart from other tutors our daughter has had in the past. After just a few months of working with Anna on a weekly basis, our daughter was able to raise her final grade in her Spanish class.

Lisa M. - Parent

Testimonials: Testimonials

Last year, I was debating on where to go and how I could afford college. Anna sat down with me, simplified everything, and showed me options that I was able to consider. She helped me explain my situation to a scholarship company that I was stressing out over, and it's because of her that I was able to get that scholarship in the end. Anna is a very thoughtful and supportive person, and I am beyond grateful for everything she has done for me.

Aatika S. - Lane Tech Class of '19

Being a first-generation college student, I had several questions and concerns about the application process. Anna was very accommodating in helping me find answers for specific questions I had. She explained my options thoroughly with the interest of my family and me in mind. Anna helped me draw out my strengths so that I could successfully write my personal statement for colleges and scholarships. She proofread, restructured, and edited my essay. If it weren't for her support and patience, my journey to college would have been far more difficult. I also appreciate Anna continuing to maintain the connection and check up on me.

Jason G. - Curie Class of '19

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